Finally the Gladiator Sequel After 23 Years

Finally the Gladiator Sequel After 23 Years

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The long-awaited “Gladiator” sequel is at last in production after 23 years. Ridley Scott, the director, has put together a crew and started casting for the next movie’s lead parts.

The Moroccan city of Ouarzazate, renowned for its spectacular vistas and popularity among filmmakers, will host filming in May.

The plot’s specifics are being kept a secret, however it was previously rumoured that an early concept by rock icon Nick Cave, in which Russell Crowe’s character Maximus would have returned through a “portal,” had been dropped.

The son of the Roman empress Lucilla, Lucius Verus, is now believed to be the source of the original tale. Maximus might possibly show up in flashback sequences, provided that Crowe agrees to reprise his role.

“This has been building since 2018 and for a long time it looked like it may never see the light of day,” said a source. “But suddenly late last year the production team really sprang into life after settling on a new script which seemed to inspire them. A few months later everything was up and running and now it’s well underway. They should be filming by May, which means there’s every chance the movie will be ready some time in 2024.”

The original ‘Gladiator’ was released in 2000 and became a blockbuster hit, earning $460 million at the box office.

Additionally, it earned favorable reviews and won five Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor, in addition to winning Bafta and Golden Globe awards.

Oliver Reed and Derek Jacobi, two seasoned performers, played prominent roles in the movie; Reed’s was his last.

Since Scott made a passing reference to a prospective script that would bring the “Gladiator” universe back to the big screen with Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix, there have been rumors about a sequel for five years.

BOC has been anticipating the sequel for more than 20 years, and it appears that their wait may soon be over.