Hypnotic: A Mixed Bag of Psychological Thrills

Hypnotic: A Mixed Bag of Psychological Thrills

Hypnotic Movie Review

Ben Affleck, Alice Braga, and Clancy Brown appear in Robert Rodriguez’s 2023 psychological thriller Hypnotic. The movie centers on a woman who seeks hypnosis to help her deal with her trauma, but she soon becomes sucked into a web of deceptive mind tricks.

The movie is a mishmash. One the one hand, it features several impressive components, such as Affleck’s acting, the movie’s aesthetic, and its complex storyline. On the other side, some poor writing and pace faults also hurt the movie.

As the enigmatic Dr. Hill, Affleck stands out in the movie, providing a fascinating and ominous performance. As the movie’s lead, Braga is also strong, and Brown’s villainous performance is appropriately ominous. The film’s imagery is stunning, with some chic and evocative photography.


The writing, though, is frequently weak in the movie. The plot has several flaws, and the conversation can be awkward at times. The movie’s timing is also problematic; certain sequences seem rushed, while others drag on.

Overall, Hypnotic is an entertaining but flawed film. It has some strong elements, but it is also held back by some weak writing and pacing issues. Fans of psychological thrillers may find something to enjoy here, but others may be disappointed.

Rating: 3/5 charms