Keanu Reeves Jumped Off A Building For The New ‘Matrix

Keanu Reeves Jumped Off A Building For The New ‘Matrix

Matrix Resurrections Movie

Keanu Reeves Jumped Off A Building? Keanu Reeves put his heart and soul into the latest “Matrix” film. During an appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Reeves revealed that he and Carrie-Anne Moss jumped off a 40-story building for a scene in “The Matrix Resurrections.” The actors are reprising their roles as Neo and Trinity, and host Stephen Colbert questioned why they would jump instead of simply performing the scene digitally.

“Because it’s Lana Wachowski, it’s ‘The Matrix,’ and you need natural light and you want to do it right,” Reeves explained. “I mean, there’s wires.”

Reeves claimed he and Moss grabbed hands and jumped off the building 19 or 20 times.

After the first time, you can’t think of.. the fear,” he said. “You have to, not block it, but deal with it, absorb it and just be there and do. And that’s what we did.”Neo has truly spoken.

The actor called it “awesome” and admitted that he had never bungee jumped before. “I’m scared of that,” he admitted.

On December 22, “The Matrix Resurrections” will be released in theaters and on HBO Max.